The BioAlps cluster is the fastest growing life science cluster in the world. A “Health Valley” is developing in the Geneva region and, more widely, in Western Switzerland. More than 20,000 people are active in the medical technology, biotechnology and agrifood businesses. The whole area is dynamic, innovative and is proving to be a fertile ground for entrepreneurs.

To promote the exceptional know-how in the region, the magazine L’Hebdo, in partnership with BioAlps, is publishing a special supplement (Lien sur Hebdo) on the “Health Valley”. This supplement follows the “Forum des 100” event being organised on March 3rd, upon invitation only, hosted by Merck Serono.

The “Health Valley” conference includes speakers such as:

- Pierre-François Unger, Counsellor of State  (GE)
- Thierry Mauvernay, Vice-president Debiopharm
- Laurent B. Fay, Head of the Nutrition and Health Department, Nestlé Research Center
- Stefan Catsicas, CEO Tilocor International
- Denis Duboule, Geneticist, EPFL-Unige
- Géraldine Savary, Counsellor of State (VD)
- Benoît Dubuis, President BioAlps
- Marisa Jaconi, Stem cell expert, biologist, Unige
- Suren Erkman, Group leader, industrial ecology, Unil
- François Curtin, CEO GeNeuro

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