Switzerland’s reputation of excellence and stability has turned it into a world centre of finance for more than three centuries.

In this field, Western Switzerland offers excellent conditions to companies, that can count on the services of the best financial management and tax specialists.

Western Switzerland offers:

  • excellent financial stability,
  • wide transparency,
  • a weakly regulated government system (2nd place as regards the flexibility of its regulation of the employment market),
  • high-performance solutions,
  • bank confidentiality that forbids any violation of the professional secrecy that protects any bank client, be it a Swiss or a foreigner, a private individual or an enterprise.

Furthermore, numbered accounts, whereby only a few people within the bank know the owner, assure a discretion that is envied the world over.

The UBS and the Crédit Suisse Group (CS) are the two most important Swiss banks. There are also cantonal and regional banks that play an important role, particularly for the local market. Two leading sectors of the region must be noted:

The Swiss Federal Banking Commission, the official control organ, has permitted the opening of 370 financial institutions in Switzerland. The country also has 130 foreign financial institutions and a Stock Exchange, the Swiss exchange (SIX). Apart from the purely financial services, Western Switzerland also has quite a number of venture capital specialists, very attractive business credits to enterprises and financial instruments for export transactions.

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