Partnership illustrates the “Bridge to Asia” theme, pairing European MedTech innovation and Asian opportunities

Geneva, Switzerland and Suzhou, China May 7 – BioBay China today announced its sponsoriship of the 2012 Tech Tour Medtech Summit, which will be held October 16-17 in Lausanne, Switzerland. The Summit will pair the most promising high-growth, early- and expansion-stage Medtech technology companies with representatives from the global venture capital world for strategic advice and potential funding. The funds that will be present at the Summit represent over €10 billion worth of investment capital.

The theme of the Medtech Summit will be: “Bridge to Asia“. Asia is becoming an ever more attractive market for the medical device industry. Bridging European innovation to Asian opportunities becomes a strategic imperative in this environment. The Summit will be inviting several speakers to discuss the opportunities for European start-ups in Asia, which should be exciting and informative for everyone. The global Medtech financing and exit environment will also be discussed, as well as how start-up’s can collaborate with corporates to leverage their technologies globally

Yuwen Liu, CEO of BioBay said: “This collaboration is ideally timed and strategically significant for bridging European innovation to Asian opportunities. More than 50 medical device companies have come to join BioBay since it was established 5 years ago. In-park companies such as Pavilion and IntraVista have already expanded market share and found new partners in Europe, and a lot of leading companies have set up their global marketing plan.

As supporting organization and service provider for these innovative companies, BioBay has established a very strong complementary and synergetic relationship with MedTech Summit. BioBay hopes this opportunity will provide a bridge for European innovative device firms to China.

Eric Le Royer, President of 2012 Medtech Summit, said: “The partnership between BioBay and the European TechTour perfectly illustrates the Bridge to Asia theme for the coming MedTech Summit. BioBay represents the excellence in life sciences innovation located in a location with the highest growth potential. We appreciate their endorsement by their participation and sponsorship.”

About BioBay

Suzhou BioBay, located in southwest of Suzhou Industrial Park, has attracted more than 260 high- tech innovative companies covering drug discovery, diagnostic/medical device, CRO and nanotechnology, and more than 5000 scientists and professionals have come to join this dynamic innovative community. BioBay has established the comprehensive service platforms to help in-park companies reduce the R&D cost and accelerate commercialization of innovation such as central lab services, government incentives, human resources services and so on. Meanwhile, together with industrial peers, BioBay has hosted a series of partnering and networking events to leverage the industrial environment such as Device China, ChinaBio Partnering Forum, BioBay Investor Forum as well as Cold Spring Harbor Asia conferences.

With a group of device leaders in China, BioBay initiate a China-focused device only conference called Device China and received great success in 2011. The annual Device China will hold 2nd conference on September 17-18 in Suzhou. European companies are welcome to join.

About the European Tech Tour

The European Tech Tour Association (ETT)
was founded in Geneva in 1998 in response to the growing interest in emerging technology companies in various European regions. ETT is an independent, not-for-profit organisation composed of key contributors to the high technology industry. The Association recognises that continued prosperity in Europe lies in its ability to transform today's innovative projects into tomorrow's global technology leaders.


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