The BioAlps cluster supports start-ups and well-established companies in moving ideas from bench to market, comprising many different providers. Expertise is concentrated in Western Switzerland and easily accessible to all: financial, regulatory, legal and IP companies, incubators and science parks, coaching and training opportunities can all be found within the small geographic area. 


Setting up a company or settling an existing company in a new place may be difficult, unless the appropriate infrastructure and support systems are in place. The BioAlps cluster offers a whole range of facilities and incubators to facilitate business, in each of the cantons in Western Switzerland.  Protecting intellectual property (IP) is an integral part of building a business.

Financial assistance can be found in the form of seed money, venture capital, private equity or bank loans, through the many financial experts in the cluster. Incubators and facilities have been set up all over the BioAlps region, in a concerted effort to assist the creation and growth of start-ups.

Incubators and coaching organisations provide access to office space, experienced coaches, business angels and financial experts, and open access to the relevant networks to build a start-up: VentureLab and Platinn in the whole Western Switzerland, HESB Spin-off Park and Be-advances, which already exist, and PTSI which is being set up in Bern, FriUp in Fribourg, EPFL_Innovation Park in Vaud, Eclosion and Fongit in Geneva, Cimark in Valais, and Creapole in Jura are all platforms to encourage entrepreneurship.

In addition to these organisations, other structures include state-of-the-art facilities in science parks in each canton: HESB Spin-Off Park and PTSI in Bern, Biopole and Y-Parc in Vaud, Neode in Neuchâtel, CTN in Geneva, BioArk in Valais and Innodel in Jura.

Venture funds such as NeoMed, Renaissance, Index Ventures and VI partners work side by side with larger banks such as the UBS and the Crédit Suisse Group (CS), private wealth management  and funds such as LODH, Pictet, Mirabaud & Cie as well as experts in the financing of international business (BNP Paribas).

Legal expertise on intellectual property and relevant legislation, labour laws, mergers and acquisitions and other topics is easily available, in large and small legal offices alike. Tavernier Tschanz have extensive expertise in the drafting and negotiation of all sorts of commercial contracts (such as joint venture agreements, partnership agreements, credit and loan agreements, distribution agreements, licence agreements, outsourcing agreements, and new technologies.

Lenz & Staehelin’s Intellectual Property (IP) group is renowned for its longstanding practice and excellent track record in every field of intellectual property (patent law, trademark and design law, and copyright law), including related areas such as unfair competition. 


The wealth of expertise in the BioAlps cluster relies on experienced life science professionals who have worked both in Switzerland and abroad. This attracts the best scientists in the field with a diverse and international outlook. Everything is organised to assist internationalisation of products. Start-ups have access to coaching programmes, networks and support. The whole economy of the region is geared towards assisting expansion of business into international markets.

An added advantage of the BioAlps cluster is the presence of more than 150 international organizations and non-governmental organizations, including the World Intellectual Property Organisation, the World Health Organisation, FIND and the Global Fund to Fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria.


The BioAlps network also provides expert service companies who can assist in life science product development, regulation, and marketing strategies. Other consultancies in the area include companies such as Triskel Integrated Services, which provides integrated and customised strategic expertise to pharmaceutical and biotech.

MedC Partners specialise in strategic and operational consulting in marketing, reimbursement and regulatory for innovative medical device companies at all stages of their development.

All kinds of other consultancy services are available in the region, including specialised life science communications experts, mathematical and statistical modelling, life science visual aid programmers, and more besides.





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