Surveys have shown that the average employee, usually qualified, active in Western Switzerland is known for the quality of his or her work. Identification with the company is very strong and, overall, the Swiss employee speaks several languages, has a good knowledge of world markets and an excellent education adapted to the needs of a competitive economy. Employees’ legal protection and the social conditions in force ensure comfort and security, also guaranteeing the company excellent levels of productivity.

Recent surveys conducted by the famous International Institute for Management Development (IMD) show that Switzerland occupies the first rank in terms of yearly working hours (40 to 42 hours per week, ahead of all the European countries and the United States), as well as the highest motivation index in the world and the most flexible legal conditions for companies.

The costs pertaining to employment are shared out into salaries, on the one hand, and into social security contributions on the other hand. These are shared out into three pension programmes, the so-called "three pillars", the conditions of which favour both the employee and the employer, who bear the charges on the basis of 50 % each.

All the citizens of the European Union (EU) and of the countries that are members of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) can work in Switzerland under privileged conditions thanks to the bilateral agreements. The system of work permits that depends on the employee’s nationality was conceived to favour the exchange of competences and moves within companies that are essential for success.

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