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BioAlps World Visibitlity Package 201918.03.2019

A yearly international programme for our affiliated companies to increase their visibility.

IcosaMed SàrlMedical technology
Medical technology, Devices
Supplier & Engineering, Medical Devices
Therapeutics & Diagnostics

This is about cancer prevention and treatment using ultrasonic therapies via smart clothing – indeed smart healthcare
There are many and complex differences between a normal cell and a tumoral cell. Amongst those, the difference of sensitivity to apoptosis is key:
“Apoptosis is an ordered and orchestrated cellular process that occurs in physiological and pathological conditions”. In other words, a tumoral cells tends to become immortal
Teaching those tumoral cells to “die again” is feasible and the technology using LIPU (Low-intensity Pulsed Ultrasound) is recognized clinically to treat cancers
The purpose of IcosaMed solution is to use ultrasound waves like LIPU through an ambulatory solution, using smart clothing - instead of having a resident solution at the hospital
That will provide a total disruptive approach in oncology and offer an alternative to traditional treatments. While these treatments are well known for their costs, adverse effects and quality of life degradation for the patients, the proposal here offer tremendous and obvious benefits:
• Discrete doses, continuously and repeatedly applied and optimized to restore apoptosis
• Same energy delivered on a long time exposure vs high power generators (LIPU in hospital) in a short time exposure  E=P.t
• Noninvasive – using skin contact
• No adverse effects – calculation in real time to prevent adverse effects from LIPU in particular / ultrasound in general
• 100% ambulatory
• Noninvasive real time remote control
• Can be dedicated to one or multiple surgeons for one device, controlled by the user
• Case data construction, share and optimization: automatically realized through big data and AI embedded
• Data exchange with medical and social communities
• Participle to global knowledge for teaching/learning process for other cases
Moreover, it addresses continuous detection, that no product offers today, with the immense advantage of avoiding cancer development since the detection of the first cells behavior
As breast cancer represents 19% of the cancer prevalence, we want to commercialize a smart bra (product A). This smart clothing will include electrical sheet containing ultrasound generators and sensors, as well as processors and batteries. It will be wirelessly connected to a smart phone and will be charged using a USB cable
The 4 USPs are:
• Detection of cells behavior vs abnormal apoptosis
• Treatment of targeted cells only by restoring apoptosis
• Measurement of efficacy continuously
• Adaptation of treatment by a continuous servo loop
The piloting aspect of this smart bra will be using AI and big data: that will help determining in a collaborative mode when a cell becomes apoptosis resistant, where exactly (having multiple sensors will draw 3D echography’s) and how to treat at best this area (and not other) by selectively activating generators within the device
The detection, treatment and close loop check will be automatically piloted by the application: although the consumer will be able to see what the device has done and is doing, there is no intervention or calculations of dose time etc… to by provided. The device will work autonomously with the support of external connection optimizing detection level and treatment (through AI and big data)
That remains up to the choice of the consumer to share data will medical or social communities: although this sharing is highly recommended for the benefit of the patient, a pure standalone configuration can fly with no AI and big data benefits – only detection, treatment and loop check without optimization
While the smart bar will be launch mid-2021, other products will appear in the portfolio, addressing other sections of the body. Seeing the prevalence of cancers, between 64 and 88% of those could be addressed by our solutions

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