The success that many multinational and SMEs in the BioAlps cluster encounter is measured in part by their ability to export their products and services and expand the business internationally. As many start ups do not have experience in this, there are several mechanisms for learning the ropes. The BioAlps cluster events serve to network and exchange valuable information and experience.

Switzerland Global Entreprise (S-GE) is the umbrella organisation for the promotion of exports, imports and investments. Its mission is to help companies based in Switzerland and Liechtenstein to gain access to international markets. S-GE helps them every step of the way by providing tailored information, advice and modular products. The Enterprise Europe Network Switzerland, a facility coordinated by the European Commission, is made up S-GE, Euresearch and Alliance/EPFL.

The Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Switzerland (SIHK/CCIS), the umbrella association of the 18 cantonal Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCI) in Switzerland, provide services such as the protection of politico-economic interests and support of company networks, as well as authentication of export documents and issuance of ATA carnets (for duty-free goods). 

The primary mission of the Geneva Office for the Promotion of Industries and technologies (OPI) is to promote business locally and internationally. OPI organises business networking trips to various countries for companies in all sectors of the economy, including the life sciences. The secretariat of BioAlps is hosted by the OPI.

Foreign companies setting up in the BioAlps cluster will also find support from their national Chambers of Commerce, who usually have some kind of representation in Switzerland. There are also networking business groups such as the American International Club as well as other international networks.

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