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Archive 2012


Neue regulatorische und analytische Herausforderungen für die Hersteller von medizinischen Produkten - New regulatory and analytical challenges for manufacturers of medical products.

International conference on translational research in radiation oncology27.02.2012

This conference is a new reality in healthcare, as it brings together two major events in the multidisciplinary field where medicine, biology and physics intersect: the lCTR conference and CERN's Physics for Health workshop.

Dubai International Anaesthesia Conference & Exhibition06.03.2012

Dubai Anaesthesia 2012 is a highly specialized event that plays a vital role in the development of the profession in the region. It aims to offer a comprehensive program covering the main components of Anaesthesia, Pain Management, TCI – TIVA etc.

Strategy and Statistics in Clinical Trials13.03.2012

This one day seminar will assist non-statisticians to better understand statistics’ role in the clinical trial research process.

BIO-Europe Spring® 2012 — 6th International Partnering Conference19.03.2012

Where the global biotech industry comes to partner

Dubai World Dermatology & Laser Conference & Exhibition27.03.2012

The 12th Dubai World Dermatology & Laser Conference & Exhibition scheduled on 27-29 March 2012 at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre under the theme “Skin health is our concern”.

Swiss Symposium on Laboratory Automation29.03.2012

One day event for promoting collaboration and knowledge sharing between universities and companies in the life science field.

MEDEXPO KENYA 201231.03.2012

Hospital Supplies - Medical Equipment - Dental Equipment - Optical - Healthcare - Pharmaceutical

Open Innovation in the Life Science Sector16.04.2012

Engendering cultural change and business model redesign to optimise open information flows for reduced development cost and risk

[MEET THE EXPERT] Material and Surface Technology for Implants, call for abstracts23.04.2012

The event on April 23-24 is dedicated to experts and persons interested in the subject of surgical implants. The program covers topics in the fields of materials, surfaces and processes, and includes expert talks as well as short presentations.

Life Science Career Day 201202.05.2012

Which are the career opportunities for young scientists with a Bachelor, Master or Doctoral degree? And after a postdoctoral experience?

Subversion of Cellular Organization and Functions by Pathogens06.05.2012

The conference series “At the Interface between Cell Biology and Cellular Microbiology” is primarily to merge the frontline research in cellular microbiology and cell biology.

The first conference in the series is embracing the subversion of cellular organization and functions by pathogens. The goals are to participate in the education of young scientists in the fields of biology and diseases that impact human health and to foster collaborative links between researchers.

LABOTEC Suisse 201209.05.2012

The trade show for the pharmaceutical and chemical industry & food industry

Startup Weekend Jura11.05.2012

Startup Weekends are 54-hour events where developers, designers, marketers, product managers and startup enthusiasts come together to share ideas, form teams, build products, and launch startups!

BioForum - Central European Forum of Biotechnology and Innovative BioEconomy23.05.2012

ChinaBio Partnering Forum 2012 23.05.2012

Capturing Innovation in China

RAPS Swiss Chapter24.05.2012

This RAPS meeting is dedicated to Non-Clinical Development

EuroMedtech 201231.05.2012

EuroMedtech™ is the annual medical technology conference that provides collaboration opportunities to medtech CEOs, large corporation business development executives, investors and service providers.

Séance d’information sur la mission économique en Afrique du Sud (octobre 2012)05.06.2012

L'OPI organise, en collaboration avec la CCIG, l'OSEC et le Swiss-African Business Circle, une mission économique en Afrique du Sud qui aura lieu en octobre de cette année.

D-APERO, D-TARGET Device Seminar14.06.2012

Centre Intégratif en Santé Humaine de Fribourg CISH (CISH-Fribourg)20.06.2012

Journée d’information du
Centre Intégratif en Santé Humaine
de Fribourg CISH (CISH-Fribourg)

Informationstag zum Integrativen
Zentrum für Gesundheit in Freiburg (CISH-Fribourg)

Mercredi/Mittwoch 20 juin 2012 - 13h30-18h30

INNOV'TECH (3ème édition) - Grenoble - 20 & 21 juin 2012 20.06.2012

La 3ème édition d'Innov'Tech (convention d'affaires de l'innovation technologique), aura lieu les 20 & 21 juin 2012 à Grenoble (WTC), en partenariat avec le CEA Leti et le CEA Liten.

RED BIOTECH LITERACY course for non-biologists21.06.2012

RED BIOTECHNOLOGY, a two day course in bioliteracy to understand diseases and health, diagnostics, therapeutics and prevention. For all non-biologists active in different biomedical fields.

Remise du Prix BioArk 201221.06.2012

Remise du Prix BioArk 2012 et conférence sur l'innovation dans les Sciences de la Vie.

MedTech Pharma 201204.07.2012

"MedTech Pharma 2012" is an international congress and an extensive trade exhibition for researchers, developers, manufacturers, suppliers, service providers and clinical users of the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

Nanotechnology in Fribourg, an event for attendants from industry04.07.2012

This event brings together stakeholders from three academic institutions of the Canton of Fribourg: the Adolphe Merkle institute, the Fribourg Center for Nanomaterials (FRIMAT) and the école d’ingénieurs et d’architectes de Fribourg.

GENERAL BIOTECH Literacy course for non-biologists05.07.2012

GENERAL BIOTECHNOLOGY, a two day course to help you gain broad understanding of biology, including industrial, agricultural and medical applications. For all non-biologists interested in biotechnology as a whole. Next session : July 5-6, 2012, Zurich


A springboard to bioliteracy for all non-biologists - scientists and non-scientists - to understand diseases and health, diagnostics, therapeutics and prevention.

ECCB'12 - 11th European Conference on Computational Biology09.09.2012

ECCB'12 is the key European computational biology event in 2012. It will be organised by SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics and the Biozentrum (University of Basel)

Mission Economique Vaud-Japon 2012 10.09.2012

Initiative proposée par le Développement Economique - Canton de Vaud (DEV) en collaboration avec le Service de la Promotion Economique et de Commerce (SPECo).
10 - 14 Septembre 2012

OrthoTec Europe - Zürich12.09.2012

The Annual Pan-European Meeting Place For Orthopaedic Design and Manufacturing Professionals
12 - 13 September 2012

BioPharm America 2012 19.09.2012

Where partnerships start


Understanding the similarities, differences and complementarities of plants and animals and how this understanding translates into technologies that impact agriculture and nutrition.

LES Seminar "Switzerland - An advantageous IP Haven" - Lausanne- Tuesday 25 September 2012 at 13h4525.09.2012

As the economy has grown more global and market driven, and various barriers to competition have eroded, IP has become a dominant factor in creating and maintaining competitive advantage.

World Medtech Forum Lucerne25.09.2012

The World Medtech Forum Lucerne consists of three different formats - trade fair, congress and meetings - to promote disciplinary and interdisciplinary exchanges between the industry, science, R&D and institutional partners of the Medtech industry.

MEDTEC Italy - Modena26.09.2012

Se siete alla ricerca di una nuova opportunità per presentare la Vostra attività o sviluppare nuovo business sul mercato italiano per dispositivi medicali, allora MEDTEC Italia è la soluzione che fà per Voi.

We are pleased to inform you that on 26-27 September 2012, we will provide the Italian-speaking medical device manufacturing market with a home at MEDTEC Italy in Modena.

Swiss India Biotechnology Forum26.09.2012

The Swiss-India Business Forum (SIBF) has the pleasure to invite you to a one-day conference focusing on the transformations in the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical industries.


This two day course, designed for all non-biologists, scientists and non-scientists alike, will help you gain a simple, thorough vision of all the essential sciences and processes required for the making of different biopharmaceuticals.

Innovation Days 2012 - Paris01.10.2012

Innovation Days is designed to promote early-stage innovation biotech and to enable Pharma and investors in their business development & licensing efforts to source new plateform technologies and innovative products.

October 1-3, 2012


This course will provide you with a broad understanding of biology, including industrial, agricultural and medical applications in just 2 days!


A springboard to bioliteracy for all non-biologists - scientists and non-scientists - to understand diseases and health, diagnostics, therapeutics and prevention.

Séminaire de formation continue - Service d'immunologie et allergie, CHUV, Lausanne11.10.2012

Le Service d’immunologie et allergie du CHUV organise des séminaires et ateliers de formation continue.

"Pas de frontières pour les métiers technologiques de demain"16.10.2012

Le forum de l’emploi, organisé conjointement par Pôle emploi / Pôle emploi international & Eures et ses partenaires, qui se déroulera le 16 Octobre 2012 de 9h30 à 17h00 Stade de la Paguette : à St Julien en Genevois (74), vous concerne.

BIOTECHNICA HANNOVER 2013 - Switzerland Partner Country16.10.2012

Get informed about the activities of Switzerland as partner country during BIOTECHNICA 2013 and join us for an evening of information.
Tuesday, October 16, 2012 Lausanne

World Vaccine Congress Lyon16.10.2012

For the 13th year running delegates from all parts of the vaccine value chain come to World Vaccine Congress Lyon to quickly identify, engage and enter into strategic relationships that drive their businesses successfully forward.

Healthcare Businesswomen's Association - HBA European Leadership Conference18.10.2012

The Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association annual leadership conference in Basel focuses on "Leveraging Changes in the Healthcare Environment to Create New Opportunities"


This two day course, designed for all non-biologists, scientists and non-scientists alike, will help you gain a simple, thorough vision of all the essential sciences and processes required for the making of different biopharmaceuticals.

CRO Day 201208.11.2012

Get yourself an overview of the Swiss CRO community in one day.
Free entry for academia and drug developing companies.

Innovation Day : Peptides in the Biotech industry13.11.2012

Date : mardi 13 novembre 2012 -Time : 9:15 - 12:15 -Locality : BioArk à Monthey

Smaller than antibodies and bigger than small chemical compounds, peptides are generating a lot of hopes in the biotech industry.

Nanomedicine Day - 17th Rencontre Pharmapetides16.11.2012

The Nanomedicine Day will cover various aspects of nanopharmaceutical development, from innovative approaches to translational medicine and regulatory issues.

European Antibody Congress 27.11.2012

The European Antibody Congress is now 3-congresses in one in 2012, combining the very best of mAb discovery and development with the next generation of Bispecific and Multivalents and Antibody Drug Conjugates.

16th Joint Swiss Symposium on Pharmaceutical Medicine28.11.2012

The programme covers clinical trials, translational medicine, medical devices and companion diagnostics, and risk communication and assessment.

Forum The Ark - e-health : défis & enjeux29.11.2012

Le Valais est un terreau fertile pour le développement du e-health. En effet, les savoir-faire dans les domaines de la santé et des technologies de l’information (ICT) y sont très développés.

World Orphan Drug Congress 201229.11.2012

The 3rd annual World Orphan Drug Congress is Europe’s leading forum for rare disease clinical advancement and strategic partnerships and collaborations.

Innovations in Cardiovascular Interventions (ICI 2012)02.12.2012

The Innovations in Cardiovascular Interventions (ICI 2012) will take place in Tel Aviv, Israel from December 2-4, 2012.

Biopharma Nordic04.12.2012

BioPharma Nordic is positioned as the Nordic regions leading C-suite, executive level congress that delivers both 1-2-1 partnering opportunities and real ‘How to’ business strategy to the regions lifescience innovators.


Health Expo Istanbul 2013 is one of the most important Medical Exhibition in the world, offers its exhibitors and visitors a platform to expand their horizons, to keep up with the innovations in the industry, strengthen their market position and prom

Seminary on Intellectual Property for Start-ups and SMBs07.02.2013

One-day, billingual seminary (morning English, afternoon in French) at the EPFL. Speakers from enterprises of the Geneva-lake region, the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property and from Schneiter & Vuille.

Cell Culture World Congress 201326.02.2013

The 3rd annual Cell Culture World Congress, Europe’s leading technical congress and exhibition focused on the development and optimisation of cell culture bioproduction.

MEDTEC EUROPE 201326.02.2013

The Added-Value Event for Your Business in 2013!

LABOTEC Suisse 201315.05.2013

Le salon des technologies de laboratoire pour l'industrie pharmaceutique, chimique et alimentaire, LABOTEC Suisse 2013, se tiendra les 15 & 16 mai 2013 à Beaulieu Lausanne.
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BioSpain 2012 - Bilbao, Spain19.09.2012

6th International meeting on Biotechnology - September 19-21, 2012
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