Selected companies present to venture capital and investment firms representing €10 billion in investment funding as medtech market continues to look for innovation

Lausanne, Switzerland, September 29, 2010 – Bill Muirhead, President of the Medtech Summit, Antoine Papiernik, Vice President of the Selection Committee, and the 21 international members of the Selection Committee of the Medtech Summit announced today which 24 innovative medtech companies will present, at the event to be held this afternoon and tomorrow in Lausanne, Switzerland.

“These companies represent some of the most exciting medtech technologies in Europe and Israel at the moment.” said Bill Muirhead, President of the 2010 Medtech Summit and Chairman and co-founder of biotech company Ayanda Biosystems. “We believe we have selected the most promising technologies which can potentially deliver significant patient benefits in a cost efficient manner to impact global healthcare. Overall, the companies selected represent a great geographic spread and all stages of development from seed to pre-IPO , and have huge potential for further growth.”

The three Swiss companies selected among the 24 finalists are active in diverse fields. CeQur is dedicated to developing and commercializing advanced insulin delivery systems that make it easier for people living with Type 2 diabetes to stay on track with therapy and in control of their disease. Diagnoplex is developing non-invasive cancer screening tests. Sensimed has developed a soft, non-invasive contact lens which encapsulates a telemetric sensor to monitor intraocular pressure continuously up to 24 hours.

“We believe that the market is ready to finance promising medical device ventures, despite the general drought in the financing climate. There are exceptional projects in Europe, as is demonstrated by the line-up of companies presenting at the Summit, and with valuations at a right level, we feel it is a good moment to invest.” states Antoine Papiernik, VP Selection Committee and Managing Partner at Sofinnova.

In addition to the 3 Swiss companies selected to present, the Summit will host an exhibition of medtech companies from Canton of Vaud and the surrounding area chosen to showcase the talent from the region. “This is a fantastic opportunity to really demonstrate the level of expertise in Switzerland in various medtech fields of industry. We hope that the event will help entrepreneurs to find capital and focus investors on the potential of this region.” said Bill Muirhead.


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