Bilateral agreements with other European countries, and a series of agreements with other important markets, or with the Geneva-based World Trade Organisation (WTO), guarantee companies that are active in Western Switzerland :

  • free circulation of industrial products
  • free circulation of services
  • free circulation of capital
  • free circulation of people
  • access to investors
  • access to administrators
  • access to specialists

The economy in GateWest Switzerland functions practically in the same way as in neighbouring countries, with the added advantage of political independence.

Switzerland is a member of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) which opens access to another commercial zone. Swiss products (produced in the country or undergoing a certain modification here) circulate freely among the EU and EFTA countries, without being subjected to either tax or customs duties. For other products, customs duties are levied in accordance with a price scale determined by weight that is interesting for high value-added light products, like electronics or luxury watch-making.
Switzerland also benefits from the Schengen agreement on the granting of visas and the movement of people. Employed or independent researchers, managers and specialists are free to move around within this zone.

Unlike many European countries, Switzerland has not adopted the Euro. Its actual currency still remains the Swiss franc. This does not prevent international business from being handled in Euros, in dollars and in all other main currencies of the planet.

The neutrality of the country still reinforces the exchange between Western Switzerland and the most important world markets. Half way between the Americas and the Far East, the world is yours! 

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