The thousands of researchers and the numerous research projects in Western Switzerland have led to the development of several technology transfer offices, which bridge the gap between academia and business. Many successful start-ups in the BioAlps cluster have resulted from tech transfer deals.

Alliance, a powerful tool for innovative small- and medium-sized companies, is a consortium of all higher education schools, cantonal universities and representatives of industry in Western Switzerland. Alliance focuses primarily, though not exclusively, on four domains: micro- and nanotechnologies; information and communication technologies; biomedical technologies and life sciences; technologies and materials science.

PACTT is the joint office of Technology Transfer of the University and the University Hospitals of Lausanne. PACTT enables the local scientific talent to reach the market: protection of intellectual property, contribution to development of business plans, negotiation of contracts, and identification of potential partners. The SRI is the tech transfer office of the EPFL in Lausanne, and has an impressive record of tech transfers to business as well as fostering company creation from inside the EPFL.

Geneva University and University Hospital united their collaboration efforts in the tech transfer office Unitec. The University of Neuchatel has an active technology transfer office, and the University of Fribourg’s Polygon offers both technology transfer services and advice on how to start companies. Bern and Zurich Universities and University Hospitals share Unitectra, with offices in both cities.


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