GateWest Switzerland is of course known for its offer of luxury hotels. Small inns, farmhouses and guest-houses also abound in varied landscapes, and their managers are always motivated by the desire to give you a hearty welcome.

Switzerland is quite cosmopolitan in matters of gastronomy. There are hundreds of restaurants (Switzerland has about 30,000 traditional public establishments of all kinds; there is one public establishment for an average of 250 inhabitants) that serve cooking from five continents.

The main cooking prepared in small inns, taverns, guest tables, farmhouses or larger restaurants is rather of French inspiration. Of course, GateWest Switzerland also relies on an important regional cooking tradition, with genuine, typical and delicious dishes that honour rural flavour.

For your pleasure, passing by markets or at producers, you will be able to discover a thousand traditional specialities, one more unique than the other, in each of the seven cantons of GateWest Switzerland.

On top of the numerous traditional or creative restaurants and cafés, motivated by the culture of “receiving well”, the region also has a high concentration of gastronomic restaurants, among which 45 restaurants have 1, 2 or 3 stars in the Michelin Guide. Gourmets will have a great time!

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