Due to its high level standards in research and its many disciplines, the UNIGE is ranked among the best three generalist French-speaker universities and among the 150 best universities in 20’000 worldwide universities. Research projects cover more than one hundred topics, from exact sciences, natural and medical sciences to social sciences and humanities. Every year this leads to fruitful results such as 3'300 publications.

As a result of its history and its strategic choices, the UNIGE made possible a diversity of research areas to emerge in which the institution excels. Therefore, the UNIGE research strengths are life sciences (genetics, molecular and chemical biology, bioinformatics), physics and chemistry, astrophysics and also some specific fields in social sciences and humanities.

Due to the high level of the research, many Swiss and international companies are keen to collaborate with UNIGE researchers. Its technology transfer office -Unitec is the contact point of companies interested to partner with the University of Geneva.
Domain: Academic Institution
Contact: Uni Dufour, Rue Général-Dufour 24
1211 Genève 4 / GE
P: +41 (0)22 - 379 71 11
F: +41 (0)22 - 379 11 34

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