Promising entrepreneurs seeking funding will showcase at venture capitalist and corporate venture Medtech gathering. Occlutech will receive the Excellence Medtech Award for most promising innovation.

Geneva, Switzerland, October 16, 2012 – Sven Lingjaerde, Chairman of the European Tech Tour Association, Eric Le Royer, President of the Medtech Summit and Thom Rasche Vice President of the Selection Committee today announced the names of the 25 medtech companies nominated by an expert committee to present at the Beau Rivage Palace and the Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV) in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Advanced Perfusion Diagnostics, Anecova, BMEYE, Curetis AG, Endomagnetics Ltd, Endo Tools Therapeutics, GERMITEC, GlySure, Michelson Diagnostics Ltd, Microstim GmbH, Miracor Medical Systems GmbH, Neuravi, Neuronix, Nexstim Oy, Occlutech, Orthox Ltd, Personal MedSystems GmbH, Phagenesis, QUENTIQ, ReCor Medical, Sequana Medical, SpineGuard, Swiss Advance Vision, The Saturn Project and Xeltis have been selected to present.

The nominated companies represent 10 countries and all stages of company development ranging from seed to expansion with a variety of Medtech specialties: Cardiology, Diagnostic & Monitoring, Health IT, Medical Intervention Devices, Neurology, Ophtalmology and Orthopedics.

In addition, the following elevator pitches will be given: Abionic SA, EP Solutions, Rheon Medical, Swissinnov Product Sarl.

The winner of this year’s Excellence Medtech Award is Occlutech, selected for its breakthrough technology. It will be given at Porte des Iris during the Medtech Gala dinner this evening.
“This selection of promising new European Medtech companies illustrates once again the favorable investment climate for medical innovation in Europe as well as the European Tech Tour’s intrinsic commitment to identifying excellence in entrepreneurship” says Thom Rasche, Vice President of the selection committee and Partner at Earlybird.
“Innovation is thriving in Europe in an environment requiring European entrepreneurs to have a global view, particularly to build early an Asian strategy to remain competitive” comments Eric Le Royer. “The Medtech awardee selection led by Salus Partners reflects Occlutech’s medtech excellence and perseverance with a strong sales momentum, particularly in Asia, illustrating well the Medtech Summit theme”.

A delegation of 100 leading global industry players and representatives from cross-venture capital and global investment firms are attending the event. Estimated investment capabilities of attending investors are estimated to 5 billion+ Euros.

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About the European Tech Tour Association:
The European Tech Tour Association (ETT) is an independent not-for-profit organization committed to the development of emerging technology companies from Europe. The ETT develops European regional Tech Tours and Vertical Industry Summits that bring together the entire technology ecosystem of local and global players with the aim of facilitating interaction among entrepreneurs, investors and industry players, which eventually leads to facilitating or funding local companies looking to expand internationally. For more information, please see:

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