The very stable political system of Switzerland (4th place after Finland, Austria and Denmark, according to the IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook 2005), and the privileged place that the country occupies on the international scene have made Western Switzerland a region to be envied. 

Traditionally neutral, considerate and democratically organised, Switzerland benefits from increasingly solid international, political and economic agreements that turn it into one of the safest places to forge one’s life and projects on a  long-term basis.

On top of the procedures of arbitration related to the peoples’ very rights, Switzerland initiates all sorts of activities that aim at smoothing away international conflicts. Thanks to the credibility associated with its permanent neutrality, Switzerland is often entrusted with tasks of this latter type. 

Another tailor-made domain is the representation of foreign interests. In this case, Switzerland seeks to maintain, as much as feasible, contacts between States that have broken off their diplomatic relations.

Since its creation, the United Nations (UN) has taken on numerous assignments in its sphere of intervention. With regards to the relations, experience and availability of Switzerland, it was inevitable that the international organisation should also resort to its assistance, although Switzerland did not become part of the "political" UN until 2002. Moreover, the reduced size of the country (41,284 km2) makes it possible to assure great security and tranquillity for citizens (Switzerland ranks 6th in terms of security of the individual and of private property, according to the IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook 2005). Security for all is a tradition that dates back to the very foundation of the country. Exaggeratedly large urban zones do not exist, meaning that children can go to school easily alone here. 

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