Access to a variety of research fields

Magazine called BioAlps "the most important life science research center in Europe". At the crossroads of the continent, Western Switzerland has 20 world-renowned research institutions, more than 5000 research laboratories and over 4000 cutting-edge scientists.

BioAlps provides access to multidisciplinary work and facilitates synergies between the institutions. Scientists, price holders in physics, mathematics, chemistry, computer science or engineering, are collaborating with biologists and biochemist to open new fields of study and understand the complex biological systems. The cluster has a world class expertise in thirteen different areas related to life sciences.

A wide range of scientific disciplines

Genomics and proteomics research, combined with electron microscopy, and the search for new materials and many medical applications, form a solid basis for the intellectual and industrial development of the BioAlps community. Basic research focuses on the complex mechanisms of living organisms in the pathogenesis of brain function in biological functions from the molecular level.

Bioconvergence is a strong focus, for example in nanotechnology, where different teams are working on research to develop devices with improved clinical outcomes based on molecularly designed materials that support the natural healing process in vivo, and biomedical systems that combine resorbable materials with controlled release of pharmaceutical drugs.

Renowned clinical researchers work on understanding different disease mechanisms, drug responses and targeted medicine, and participate in clinical trials led by sponsors from all over the world. Given the density of university hospitals and laboratories, it is easy to tap into these high quality professional resources.

Beyond Swiss frontiers

Cutting edge research projects exist in the numerous facilities of Western Switzerland, funded from within and from outside Switzerland. Researchers in the area work with prestigious organisations in Switzerland, Europe and abroad, including the World Health Organisation and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (CERN), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), NASA, the European Space Agency (ESA)1

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BioAlps World Visibitlity Package 201918.03.2019

A yearly international programme for our affiliated companies to increase their visibility.

BioAlps World Visibitlity Package 2019

A yearly international programme for our affiliated companies to increase their visibility.
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